You may have noticed that the writing on this site is very much laid back, this is my style. Although it is difficult to describe, I hope by looking at my website you will gain a little insight into the pleasant way I work at a wedding, and also in some ways the lengths I will be prepared to go to make your day that little bit special.

You may well know that most people can take a picture with a half decent camera, although this is suitable for some casual situations, unfortunatly it would come way short should it be for your wedding. You most definatly should be looking for something better,  something special. This is why most people would choose a professional wedding photographer. But sometimes even that is not enough because the photographer even though he has managed to cover your wedding he has left a bitter taste with the wedding guests due to his strong over powering attitude.

I have worked so hard in all the years of wedding photography and have achieved were most have fallen down. I know I have a natural flair in my personality so it isnt difficult to rise to the occasion at any wedding that I am commisioned to attend, My personality I feel has always left those involved amongst the wedding party with a lovely feeling of satisfaction and beautiful images to complimate their special day.

When the wedding is over naturally the bride and groom will be keen to view the photographs which are always made available within a couple of days of the wedding itself.

Interestingly you will not be pushed into purchasing a package were you only get what you pay for in the number of photographs allowed for each package. I have adopted a simple system which allows you to choose as many photographs for your album as you wish, which not only includes the standard colour photographs but also black and white, tints and spot colouring to any photograph you choose thus eliminating the burden of higher priced packages than you thought you would need to purchace within your budget.

I and all my clients have found this package to be very succesful as rightly so no one can truly tell how many photographs would be sufficient to complete a wedding. So having an open package like the one described truly relieves the potential Bride and Groom of having to pay for extra photographs that you would be expected to pay for should your want exceed a set package that had potentialy been sold to you.

Should you need any further imformation regarding this package or anything else connected in what I offer please feel free to contact me by telephone or email, or why not come on over for a very informal chat and let me help you in everything you need to know about probably the most important event within your life time.

My very best wishes Steve Taberner.

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